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There are major anatomical differences between Mysticetes and Odontocetes.  Instead of teeth, the Mysticetes have plates rooted in the roof of the mouth.  These plates, called baleen, fray into a series of hair-like bristles.  After engulfing a portion of the water column, some Mysticetes like the Blue Whale forcibly eject the water through the baleen; which filters out creatures such as zooplankton, krill, and small schooling fish.  Other Mysticetes like the Gray Whale, skim the waters as food adheres to the inside edges of the baleen.  Odontocetes use their teeth to catch fish and squid.

An experience for all ages! Touch a dolphin while learning all about them. You will stand in shallow water as a dolphin swims right up to you and allows you to gently pet him or her. A trainer provides an interactive lesson on the dolphin's body and behavior.

The Dolphin Encounter is an intimate and interactive experience, which lasts for approximately 20 minutes. The whole experience will be about 1,5 hour.

**Local rate available, please contact Dolphin Academy**

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